Aviation MP

What is Aviation Market Place?

The Aviation Market Place (AMP) is designed to be a closed-loop single platform to connect shippers in the aviation industry to 3PL SMEs. The driving force for the Aviation Market Place is to give capable SMEs exposure to the aviation industry, while providing the industry additional reliable options.

What's it in for shippers?

  • Single platform access to a network of 3PLs
  • Secure and standardized platform for quotations and bookings
  • Real-time event overview
  • Instant quotation for shippers
  • Streamlined tender process with automated calculations

What does it offer for 3PLs?

  • Single platform access to shippers
  • On-demand dashboard for analysis
  • Real-time communication via in-application chat module
  • Paperless trail
  • In-system rate card creator

Benefits include:

  • Minimized use of excel spreadsheets
  • Increased cost savings
  • Improved customer service
  • Shortened tender processes
  • Enhanced visibility for all requests and tenders
  • Heightened productivity and efficiency
  • Seamless transition of information between stakeholders


Who will want it?

Shippers in the aviation industry who would like to seek out better value and alternative options as well as 3PL SMEs that are capable of fulfilling the demands of the aviation industry and wish to be recognised. Once utilized, AMP will provide both shippers and service providers:

  • Decreased processing errors
  • Online customer coordination centre
  • Rapid agreement
  • Increased connectivity

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